Local Government Pension Scheme

Orkney Islands Pension Fund


About this fund

Orkney Islands Pension Fund invests at least £2M into fossil fuel companies.

How much does my council invest in fossil fuels?



Fund total


Amount screened


Invested in fossil fuels


Fossil fuel percentage


What type of investment are these assets?

Asset types

Which assets are invested in fossil fuels?

Fossil fuel holdings

  • Bhp Group Ltd


  • Baillie Gifford Diversified Growth Fund C Acc


  • Enquest


  • Baillie Gifford Multi Asset Growth Fund C Acc


Who manages these assets?

Asset managers

  • Baillie Gifford


Which fossil fuels is you pension invested in?

Hydrocarbon investments

Where in the world your pension funds fossil fuels


Source: Urgewald, GOGEL 2022


If it’s bad for the environment, it’s bad for your retirement. Here are some of the things you can do to get your council to stop funding fossil fuels:

  • Seek representation on your council’s pension fund committee and push for divestment as a popular, moral and financially prudent decision.

  • Pass a divestment motion to sell all shares in fossil fuel companies within a defined number of years.

  • Identify local investment priorities that your pension fund can invest in, as other pension funds have done. Utilise public pension investments for the social good.

Fund managers

The Fossil Fuel age is ending, and financial markets know it. If pension fund committees don’t move their members’ money out of fossil fuels soon; lowering prices, financial instability and likely bankruptcies could cause huge losses.


    This movement has moved trillions out of the fossil fuel industry. But we need to go further, and we need to go faster. Whether you’re a finance wizz, an experienced campaigner, a pension fund member, a union member or completely new to all of this - we need you.

    Join the hundreds of people all across the UK campaigning for fossil free pensions;

    • Find out what your pension is funding and talk to your friends and neighbours about it. Remember, our pensions are for us - you can inform how they are invested too.

    • Work with others! There are 50+ groups campaigning for their pension fund to stop funding fossil fuels. Join one near you, or set one up yourself!

    • Contact your councillors and ask them to prevent public pensions becoming fossil fuel playthings. Use the resources on our website to make your case.